Help kids in school find success through our tutoring and study space. Find and build skills and passions with personalized curriculum in everything (think: video game design, make up & fashion, journalism, and way more). Provide alternatives to school that allow an inspired non-schooling experience (that leads to the same credits all the other kids get). And much more. We serve you, and we design services that work for your needs, understanding that each child is unique.   DISCOVER >










Art with Peter

    Art means many things to many different people and at Brainboost, we want to unlock your creative soul. Whether you are aiming to be the next breakthrough artist or enjoy art as it enriches your life, we have the path to do it. Peter’s course looks firstly at...

In the Community

Launched from Tuesday morning’s Leadership mini-POD (Tuesdays 9-10 AM),Brainboost is kicking the year off with some back-to-school community initiatives. In the lobby you’ll see a beautifully designed donation box that is there for any old/excess school...

Study Space & Mini-PODs

After a prolific summer session, the Study Space team is ready to hit the ground running, proactively helping students stay on top of their studies this September. Whether it’s curricular or organizational support you need, Michaela, Caitlin and Markie are there...

Meet The Tutor: Mark Van Eijk

  I hear you’re enrolled in a paramedic program! Can you tell me a little about that? I am taking a “Primary Care Paramedic” program to renew my license as paramedic (which is necessary since I took a 6 year hiatus from the field to teach). I’m...

10 Years of BrainBoost!

Welcome Back! The fall of 2016 marks our 10th year in our current location. Can you believe it? Time has flown by. Everyday here,  the space is a’buzz with unique minds coming together to share passions, new ideas, and challenges. We love what we do. Last year...

Course Catalogue

BrainBoost is growing, and part of that growth is our selection of courses. For the school year of 2016/2017 we are offering more courses than ever before: courses that fulfill the provincial academic requirements, such as English and Science, but also courses that...

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